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Posted on: 4/2/2009

Garden, Landscape Designer to Give Tips on Garden Design

By wherald

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Garden and landscape designer Paula Peace will give tips for spring garden and landscape design, as well as sharing about her journey for this passion, during the free educational program of The Arts Council of Williamson County (ACWC), “Art: Up Close & Personal,” Monday, April 13, from 6-8 p.m. in the Williamson County Public Library.

Peace, a noted design consultant, is owner of Peacescapes — Garden Design, Feng Shui and Geomancy, which she established in 1990. She specializes in “helping people create outdoor spaces that promote harmony and balance in their lives. Her intuitive, holistic approach offers clients a myriad of ways to maximize their happiness, health and prosperity at home or in the office.

Nashvillian Peace has designed numerous gardens and sacred or meditation spaces for her clients in the U.S. and abroad.

“The spaces may include labyrinths or stone circles or other elements which increase the beauty, harmony and pleasurable use of the garden,” Peace said. In addition, she specializes in designing and building water features for landscapes and gardens.

The Williamson County Public Library and O’More College of Design are sponsors for this series developed to educate those in the community who have an interest in the arts. The lecture series is free and open to the public. Light refreshments will be served.

The main branch of the Williamson County Library is located at 1314 Columbia Ave. in Franklin. For more information about the event or the Arts Council, visit or call 428-3845.

Having studied both Eastern and Western Geomancy (earth energy), Peace has extensive knowledge of energy healing and horticulture. Her designs incorporate both classical and contemporary Feng Shui principles. She is accomplished as a Master Dowser and Medical Qigong Practitioner, and is a certified facilitator in Core Health and Heart Forgiveness.

Among the great masters and teachers with whom she has studied are Dr. Jes T. Y. Lim (Qi-Mag Feng Shui and Tao, Zen Garden Design); Grand Master Lin Yun (Landscape Feng Shui); distinguished English garden designers Robin Williams and Lucy Hutichenson; and European Master Geomancer, Dominique Suzani (The Art of the Master Builders — Western Geomancy). Peace has studied energy healing with the International Institute of Medical Qigong and Master Kam Yuen, and is certified for space clearing with Denise Linn’s Interior Alignment System.

Peace is a member of The Association of Professional Landscape Designers and the American Society of Dowsers, as well as a board member of the Tennessee Horticultural Association.

Distinguished clients include Cheekwood Botanical Gardens; Wirtgen in America Corporate Headquarters, which won the 2007 “Nashville Beautification Award”; the Garden of Healing and Renewal at McLaren Healthcare Village in Clarkston, Mich.; and Feng Shui and garden design, including a Zen garden, at the Nashville headquarters of the CAO Cigar Company. She has traveled extensively worldwide and brings this international influence to her work.

Scott B. Hodes, director of visual arts for the Arts Council of Williamson County, explains that the speakers in the series will be sharing the experiences that have culminated in that artisan being able to fulfill the role of professional working artist in the community, such as background, history, choices and decisions, education and technique, work experience, and artistic and life influences.

The Arts Council of Williamson County (ACWC) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) service organization that exists to enrich the lives of the citizens of Williamson County, by bringing the arts and people together. The Arts Council envisions a dynamic, lively and diverse arts community, which is accessible to all and which is a major cultural destination.